We know wireless and have been after it a long time...

Founder and CEO, Steve Bay, started his first company back in 1999 focusing primarily on microwave.  In 2003 we got into building cell sites.  Through the years it has developed to all different forms of wireless communication systems including support and construction for the Wireless Carriers / Oil and Gas / Government / Military / First Responders / Commercial.

September 1999...Teligent Microwave Antenna - Colorado Blvd.

Check out some pix from the past to the present...

August 2015.  200' monopole tower installation - Rocky Mountains - Bailey, Colorado.

Expedient - 60 GHz - "street crosser" microwave antenna - Holly Sugar Building - Downtown Colorado Springs.  Circa 2000.

January 2014.  4 carrier drop and swap raw land installation.  Cold day, but the crews did an awesome job and got it done!